Pay it Forward

Howsit, i get hit up all the time by young shavers who want to watch my longer videos but don’t have a credit card so miss out.

Welcome to ‘Pay if Forward’

Pay It Forward is a good old Hikurangi swap – an opportunity to get a membership to this website in exchange for a deed of goodness.

These Pay-it-forward memberships are not free.   They need to be earned.  To earn a Pay-it-Forward membership, the young shaver must first “Pay-it-forward” by doing something extra-ordinary for someone else.  Then, to prove it, they need to use the contact form on this page to describe what they did.

To keep the Pay-it-forward membership the young shaver must submit what they did to Pay-it-forward each month to earn the next
month’s membership.

What do they need to do?  Something they’re not normally expected to do. This is a random act of kindness thing so
the idea is each month you are helping someone different.

I’m pretty excited about the idea of kids all over NZ, even the world, out there looking for opportunities to help someone so they can watch my videos.

If you feel you fit the bill please click on this link, fill it in and also message TheKiwiBushman facebook page with your deed of goodness!

Here are some recent Pay it Forward stories.

Go with goodness!!!

    This is for kids only.

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