Hunter, Gatherer Episode 1

This is the first instalment in a series of episodes. For the next episode, you the viewer get to choose what Josh takes with him on his next mission. The next mission will be a bit longer with a few more challenges and we will be running an online poll so that you – the viewer, can choose from a selection of options/tools/weapons/shelter etc… Josh gets to take on his next adventure.

The first quarter of the show will be hunting and fishing, the rest will be of Josh navigating from point A to point B with bushcraft and other random stuff thrown in. All hunting will be done on public land.

We want to make this series as real and gritty as possible so please excuse the beeps and hick-ups. Enjoy

Filmed by Mark Hamilton – Mountain Edge Productions

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  1. mat 9 years ago

    your videos are good josh only way to live hunt put the food on the tabel have a laugh ive bean on da coast for 6years now still learning new tricks about hunting wacthn ya vids are helpfull hope to hav a beer with oneday

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