1. Jason Mao 10 years ago

    I just happened to watch your show on TV 3 tonight. I like and admire the way how you live and the skills you have got and the influence you have on your three children. I enjoy outdoors too and great nature and people you expect to meet.
    Keep safe and warm I am your supporter!

  2. Arthur Smith 9 years ago

    Hey Josh, arthur smith from the good old hawksbay here just saying thanks for all good posts and videos you put up, keep it up and I’ll be waiting for the next one bro chur chur HUNT HARD!!

  3. Joe Davila 9 years ago

    Yo Josh:

    Met you at the airport in Dallas, Tx. We had the same flight from Mexico City to Dallas. Got a business card from you at the airport. Have been enjoying your videos on “You tube”. I have a friend that is interested in booking a hunt in NZ. I recommended you. Hopefully he will contact you.


    Joe & Lucy Davila

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