Schnitzel Parrie breasts

Paradise ducks don’t roast very well and the only decent way to harvest the meat is to mince it, make sausages or salami out of it or turn it into Schnitzel – my personal favorite. It actually tastes like a good cut of Venison when cooked like this.


– Breast your duck and slice it into 1cm thick strips against the grain or with the grain – try both ways and see what you prefer.
– Beat an egg with a pinch of salt
– Roll breast in flour – dip in the egg and roll in breadcrumbs
– Fry in a hot pan with a small amount of rice bran oil or peanut oil
– Let sit for a few minutes and serve with a slice of lemon and your favorite vegetables, I like steamed watercress, mashed parsnips and carrots, and cauliflower in a white sauce.

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  1. Ben W 10 years ago


    Sounds delicious.

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