Tahr Hunting, Arbor Rift, Upper Landsborough

  1. Richard Barren 9 years ago

    Hi Josh,

    Fucking fantastic. That is what like is all about. Keep up the good work, don’t let the payed TV tern you in to a fuckwit.
    Also that was the song on the end of Arbor Rift , it brings a tier to my eye fantastic. No doubt you had to take it off dew to copyright. But can yo let me know what it was?

    I am in Tassie but I have bought a house in Cardrona and get over at least once a year.

    Thanks for keeping me alive!


  2. Swilson1912 7 years ago

    By far my favourite film.. just the whole atmosphere is awesome !! you and smiddy need to get up there and do another tahr hunt mate..

    • Webmaster 7 years ago


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