Tahr Mate 2015 – intro

full mission here

I see this video has the most dislikes out of all my videos. If you dislike it because you have to pay the mere sum of 75 cents a week to watch this and many more videos, please consider how much time and energy and money go into producing these videos. For every 20 minute video approximately 8 hours are spent in front of a computer putting it together, an average of $600 is spent on gas and food and about 3-5 days are spent in the field filming content.

I thank everyone who is supporting me and encourage those of you who dont feel like paying to watch to give it a go. You can choose how much you want to pay starting at $3 a month and if you dont like the results, you can stop paying at any time…

When I attain the desired goal not only will the videos be longer but they will be filmed in many different regions around New Zealand providing a lot more varied content with better quality footage and will really showcase what NZ has to offer in terms of fishing, hunting, gathering and good old Kiwi culture

Yours sincerely



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