Good news bad news – yeah – nah, but yeah…

  1. deersmoker69 1 year ago

    Good on you guys, it takes a lot of courage to work face and work through these deep issues that affect our lives let alone being brave enough to share it with a wider audience. My partner and I have been going through similar situations for a while now and it is a difficult road but a rewarding one once you start to see beneath the ego and fear. Much kudos to you guys, we are cheering for you and wish you all the best on this journey.

  2. mikegatkins 1 year ago

    You guys do what you need to do don’t stress to much about putting vlogs out your family is most important

  3. Michael 1 year ago

    Kristen and I, not me and kristen, you always put the other person first.

  4. Pom 1 year ago

    Josh A lot of people could not be so open and honest about relationship issues I don’t think there are many couples that don’t have them at some point in their lives if the relationship is there from the beginning then you can make it work but it does take effort on all parties life is not easy for many couples there are struggles and issues that have to be faced by both parties don’t give up be brave enough to admit that one or the other has made a mistake but you still care for each other from the outside it looks as if you Josh have an awful lot of fun in your eyes it work and it pays the bills but to Christian it seems like you’re playing all the time we are grateful for you doing it but it obviously comes at a cost Best of luck hope you work it out

  5. rdper1 1 year ago

    Hang in there you two.I’m sure you can sort it out.Despite all the problems you five are a really tight unit and it’s worth fighting hard for.

  6. Rich-Sid 1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing Josh, means a lot to us x

  7. Rob 1 year ago

    Keep ur chin up josh. U will work it out i am sure u have a mega family and its worth fighting for. Takes a brave man to say and do what u just did so good on you. 👍👍 i hope christian is ok and getting support and help from others. ❤️ To u all.

  8. Davo 1 year ago

    well Spoken Josh, Keep following that path mate,

  9. Jayson Woodbridge 1 year ago


    From your friends in California. Give it your all! Don’t be afraid to let here be your true partner and equal. Build your house again with kindness.

    Jayson from Canada and Helen my loving wife from Manawatu.

  10. Mark 4 months ago

    Josh, brave of you to talk like this. Stick with it, you’re both better off together, I’m sure.

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