Roast duck recipe sent in by Scotty

Gday Josh,
Saw your vid on duck recipes and thought u might like one of my favorite ones.
Cover a cleaned duck or two with water and a cup of salt and leave for 24hrs. Take them out of the brine and rinse off. Do the hot water thing to tighten the skin, pat dry. Chuck an orange and some honey up it’s clacker, oil salt and pepper the outside, then roast.
I prefer to use a webber, with a chunk of hickory, apple wood or Manuka that has been soaked over night. Comes up awesome. Just make sure you have a tray with water under it to catch the fat.
If you don’t have a Webber, a hooded bbq will do and use a smoke box. Other wise cold smoke for a while before roasting in a conventional oven.
The goods.



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