Shotgun accidental discharge incident

Duckshooting, early morning, still dark, braided riverbed, howling southerly, raining hard, freezing cold. 2 of us hunting, we set up the decoys, built a mai mai right on the edge of the river, our boots were literally in the river, and settled down to wait for it to get light.

6.30 rolled around and ducks started coming in, the dog was whining and excitement levels were high…. we were both shooting semi auto 12 guage shotguns.

I loaded my gun, just as I worked the action on my gun one of my gloves blew off my knee and into the river. I reacted quickly – put the gun down and leaned forward to grab the glove as it was floating away in the current. I picked up the glove and reached down for the shotgun to put the safety on and get ready for the next lot of ducks to come in.

As I reached down to pick up the gun in the dark I grabbed the trigger and the gun went off. No one was injured but we both got sprayed with sand/gravel.


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