slipped gashing my thigh open

Hi Josh, Had an incident in late November in the southern alps.

Weather conditions were good. I was hunting on my own and was on my way back to the car, I decided to go down a creek which I hadn’t before which now I know was the real mistake.

I was down climbing a steep section of rock and slipped gashing my thigh open quite badly. I gave myself a quick first aid patch up and proceeded to walk the remaining two hours to the car. Made my way to the hospital and got stitched up with about 15 stitches.

If I was to do the same again I would definitely stick to the route I knew. Since then I am a bit reluctant to go out on my own but sometimes do. I make sure to carry all first aid gear, Personal Locator Beacon and let people know where I’m heading.

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  1. thekiwibushman 7 years ago

    Good to hear your still out there doing it and are well prepared. Epic mission walking 2 hours with a bad gash

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