The Gate

Opening Gates
Whats up this morning? Life, work, getting er done, not getting er done?
I was thinking about all that stuff this morning as I woke up at 6am listening to vehicles driving down the road carrying people to their jobs. I often get up at 4am to go to work, especially over winter. I enjoy my job most of the time, its hunting and filming and motivating and a hundred other jobs to complete.
Sometimes I dont enjoy it. I sometimes wish I could just hunt and not have to worry about clearing SD cards, charging cameras, organizing kids, getting heaps of shots to make the storyline work, holding a weapon instead of a camera, editing videos, updating social media posts, answering messages, emails, ph calls etc… the list goes on.
When I worked in the bush logging, and possum trapping, or pressing wool, selling firewood or one of the hundred other jobs Ive had over the years, and I dreamed of having a job like I do now. I thought I wasnt content with what life was handing out to me.
I sometimes find myself a bit dissatisfied, wishing for more money so I could hire a cameraman and get more stuff.
Im sure everyone else out there has thoughts like these about the job they do and the life they live.
When this happens I remind myself that life is actually pretty rosy and I have come a long way since leaving home 27 years ago and heading out into the big bad world.
There will always be greener grass over the fence no matter what your situation in life.
This is a message for those of you that yearn for that green, green grass….
If your really miserable then start writing down a plan. Give yourself a timeline and steps to make your life better and more enjoyable, start knocking those steps back one by one. By just doing this you will give yourself hope, your mental attitude will slowly change and you will be happier. As well as focusing on the future; think of things that bring you joy in your current situation, think of things you may enjoy in the future, little things, like a cup of tea, walking on sand in barefeet – shit like that – WRITE IT DOWN, THINK OF THESE THINGS.
Get rid of negative thoughts and things in your life, forgive yourself for past mistakes and forgive others. Its done, move forward.
If moving forward means getting in your nice car, then enjoy the ride, give way to other bad drivers, dont road rage, cruise down that highway.
If moving forward means riding the big angry bull, then grab the bastard by its horns, jump on its back and charge on down the road scattering them nice cars left right and centre – while doing your best to tame the beast, when the bull runs out of steam, give it a pat on the head.
Open the gate to that paddock of nice green grass and trot on in.
Get some. Enjoy it for a while before thinking about going through the next gate.
Oh yeah, close the gate behind you but dont lock it. You may need to go back into the other paddock for a while if the grass your eating runs out and the next gate is still locked.
Enjoy your day.
Josh James
  1. mikegatkins 5 years ago

    Bruce is one tough old bull.Beautiful footage of the Kea

  2. 5 years ago

    Yep you’re right
    Similar perspective but not as much looking forward (creates stress/pressure) now right now, it’s almost a memory so yeah plan, write it down and revisit it but try not to live wanting/dreaming .
    If we’re designed by aliens surely they’d want us to live now in the real?

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