All he got was a warning

I was watching the home kill guys 20 meter from our house. As they started we all heard a gun shot from a small calibre rifle then a loud buzzing sound went between myself and one of the butchers.

We all looked around to see a guy standing by a shed 2 properties over (100m away) with a gun. He then hid behind a barrel while i immediately called 111.

With a number of police turning up very quickly the guy came out. I gave my statement and police took his. They came back and told me his side of the story. He said he was trying to shoot a rat on the pond between his shed and our house. The pond is not his property!

One of the cops asked if i had the bullet! ( not the smartest) They said it was just a freak ricochet. I showed the officers where he shot from and where we were standing and it was a direct line. So ricochet or not he had us in his line of fire.

All he got was a warning not to shoot towards us!!! Serious problem with the law in my own opinion. So its fine to shoot towards people and houses ….as long as you dont hit anyone




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