Entire Face Came Away

Hi all , as an English man in love with your beautiful country ,I’ve been lucky enough to manage two trips over to u the first ticked every box except a “trophy” chammy which was my main reason/excuse for a return !

Having made the enitial 24 hr journey we were delayed by cloud to fly in to our planned hunting area , cloud and rain again prevented access so fighting time we changed plans and flew in to where we could.

We had a clear afternoon hunt and luckily got in to a few animals one of which was the animal I was chasing !

All smiles we make plans to camp on the tops the following day and hunt the next catchment the next day non stop rain and all night probably the longest night of my life with a failing bivy bag !

All the gear now wet we decided the hike back to camp to dry our gear off stopping to glass as we moved nearing camp we crossed a scree face with rock pinicals forming a corner above us , a small rock fell from above us with made us stop and look thinking perhaps we had bumped some animals it was at this point what could only be discribed as a large thunder crack an c above us the not surprising “f@#k run” followed with an ever louder roar heading towards us , luckily the main body of rock made up of hilux sized boulders fell to our left but we were running among foot ball sized rocks flying past our heads we made it to the river bank below and found shelter behind a large boulder luckily there wasn’t an entire slip of the face or I’m sure we would still be there now !!!

We made our way back for a brew afterwards buzzing ! 2 brews latter we reflected how luck we had been to escape scot free . I don’t think u can plan for this just wrong place at wrong time just wish I’d captured it on film looking back , all being said can’t wait to head back over Cheers all


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