Hunting in Norway

Roe deer hunting in Norway.

We often have one person move through the wood with a dog on a lead to move the animals so that rifle-men sitting in stands can get a shot.

One day I was in a stand in fairly tight cover with a view down a forest road. I saw movement on a bank to my left. It was partly concealed by low bushes. It looked just like a roe deer head. A cliff behind gave a back drop for a shot.

I sighted on the head of the animal, but held my shot despite being 98% certain it was a deer.

Finally it moved again… and it was the dog-man. He had put on a brown hat due to the cold. I broke into a cold sweat.

Lesson. Never, never, never shoot unless you are 100% certain of the shot. Your mind can make you see what it thinks you want to see.

I still groan thinking about it.


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