My mate was mortified

I was field shooting on a farm in the Waikato with a friend, around five years ago. Perfect weather conditions and a great time was had by all – until we returned to the vehicle.

As I packed up the car before leaving, I stood and WATCHED my friend unload his rifle. He then passed it to me to load into the car, and out of habit I opened and checked the breach – to find a live round in there.

The combination of shock, bewilderment and relief is hard to describe. Having watched my friend unload, neither of us can figure out how the hell that rifle remained loaded. My mate was mortified, but for both of us it was a reminder of the golden rule – the gun is ALWAYS loaded!

These rituals about always checking the breach, pointing in a safe direction etc may seem odd to a non-shooter, but they save lives. Chur

  1. Ricki 6 years ago

    chuur az good save

  2. Karl mason 5 years ago

    If the bolt is pushed forward and not turn down it will leave a live round in the chamber people then slid bolt back and to often assume it has been unload . This happened because of the way the bolt is designed it will push the round in the chamber but not ingade it until the bolt has been turned down. This is very easy to do accidently when guys like to hunt with the half cock meathod if you insist on using this meathod. When loading turn bolt right down and bring it back to half cock this will have engaged the shell and will remove it when bolt is slid back then check as always

  3. 2 years ago

    Had a similar thing happen. Was sitting in the hut one evening and picked up my mates old 308 to admire it. Was giving him shit about the bolt still being in and then saw it was still bloody loaded! Gave us both a big fright. He was adamant he’d emptied it.

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