Realised my mistake

Hey Josh, Great videos and website mate!

My story isn’t a hunting or fishing one but with the early starts and long drives you blokes do it’s probably quite poignant.

In my early twenties (20 years ago) I was living in Nelson and had my eye on a sheila in Blenheim one night I managed to convince her to go on a date so I drove over the hill (I had work the next day) long story short, on my way home at about 6am after not getting any sleep I found myself drifting off at the wheel going up the whangamoa…. so being a wise young lad I pulled over for a power nap.

What I had forgotten to do when I closed my eyes and reclined the seat was was to apply the handbrake…. I felt the movement of the car and realised my mistake I yanked on the handbrake of my 1976 VW Golf just as the rear left wheel slid off the bank.

She was a long way down so needless to say I was well awake after that! Not sure what the moral of the story is… maybe don’t be an idiot.


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